Dean is the Head Golf Professional out of Crosswinds Golf Club in Plymouth, MA. He loves golf as a sport and lifestyle and wants to help you improve your game today. He works with players of all ages and abilities and is constantly learning to improve himself and his teaching. He is currently studying under top teaching professional Dana Dahlquist.

Dean began pursuing his coaching dream shortly after the COVID pandemic hit. He worked in Corporate Finance for eight and a half years while practicing, playing, and competing whenever he could. He became a certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional and began teaching out of his backyard in 2021. His coaching grew rapidly, leading to him becoming the full time Head Golf Professional at Crosswinds in the fall of 2022. He is privileged to call Crosswinds Golf Club his home where he teaches year-round and is able to share his love and passion for the game with everyone he meets.

Teaching Style

I believe success in a lesson is when the student has a complete understanding of why a change is being made and is able to demonstrate the process on how to make that change. Everyone learns differently so every lesson boils down to finding and adapting to the cues that will click with the student best. I find the most success with students when combining video analysis with hands on teaching and drills. A general lesson will follow a simple but effective format: understand the current pattern, understand what we want to change, and create a plan to change it using hands on teaching, drills, and practice. At the end of each lesson it is important we put it all together so the student connects what they FEEL with how it LOOKS with their understanding of the change.

There is no one way to swing the club properly and I think it’s important to personalize the instruction to find the most functional swing for each individual golfer. While hitting certain positions throughout the golf swing is important, if you can’t hit those positions in motion then it is not functional. I like to train body movement patterns with swing mechanics to enable students to move more efficiently and swing more athletically. It is always important to remember we don’t play golf swing, we play golf!

I approach each lesson with passion and care and truly enjoy building relationships with my students while helping them reach their goals in the game. I like to keep my teaching simple and fun, using positivity to motivate my students. I learn from every lesson and strive to improve myself and my teaching every day. Golf is the greatest game there is and regardless of your skill level if you have a passion for the game and a deep desire to get better then I am the coach for you!